How do I manually create a webhook on GitHub?

Creating a webhook on GitHub is the best way to keep your Gemnasium project in sync with the GitHub repository it's based on. Gemnasium normally creates webhooks on GitHub automatically but there are special cases when you may have do it manually or may prefer to do so.

Here is how to create a webhook on GitHub:
  • visit the repository settings page
  • click on Webhooks & services in the left menu
  • add the Gemnasium Service
  • fill the form with your GitHub login and Gemnasium API token
  • submit the form; it's done!

The Gemnasium API token comes from the account settings page on

To check that the integration is working, you may want to click on the newly created "Gemnasium Service" and click on Test Service on the upper right corner of the page. The service should turn green when going back to the "Webhooks & services" page on GitHub.

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