How do I manually create a webhook on BitBucket?

Creating a webhook on BitBucket is the best way to keep your Gemnasium project in sync with the BitBucket repository it's based on. Gemnasium normally creates webhooks on BitBucket automatically but there are special cases when you may have do it manually or may prefer to do so.

Here is how to create a webhook on BitBucket:
  • visit the repository settings page
  • click on "Webhooks" in the left menu
  • click on "Add webhook"
  • fill and submit the form

The URL of the webhook is:{owner}/{repo}/events
where "owner" and "repo" are the name of the repository owner, and the name of the repo, respectively.

We suggest you give the title "Gemnasium" to the webhook.

The other fields should be left unchanged:
  • Status: Active
  • Triggers: Repository push
Your Gemnasium project will be updated the next time you push a commit to the branch it tracks.

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