I have BitBucket repositories. What is not supported?

Some features are available to GitHub repositories but not yet available to BitBucket repos. It's mainly due to the fact that Gemnasium is not yet capable of cloning private repos hosted on BitBucket.org.

We plan to bring all these features to the BitBucket repos based on git. We have no plan to support Mercurial repositories.

Auto-update pull requests

The auto-update feature is available to BitBucket projects but Gemnasium won't be able to create (a branch and) a pull request based on the dependency files it has found.

Parsing of setup.py

Python support is limited to the dependency files compatible with PIP: requirements.txt or alike.

Gemnasium can't process the dependency files declared in setup.py because this would require to clone the repo prior to running the script.

Recursive dependency file search

BitBucket API makes it impossible to search through the sub-directories of a repo in an efficient way. As a consequence, the recursive file search is not supported yet.


Report generation is not available.

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