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  1. Can I evaluate Gemnasium for free?

  2. Can I set a different branch than "master"?

  3. Configure Slack notifications

  4. Continuous deployment

  5. Does Gemnasium provide an API?

  6. Does Gemnasium store my credit card information?

  7. Does Gemnasium support maven multi-modules projects?

  8. Does Gemnasium support optional dependencies in a nodejs projects?

  9. Does Gemnasium write to my repositories?

  10. How am I notified?

  11. How can I disable a project?

  12. How do I manually create a webhook on BitBucket?

  13. How do I manually create a webhook on GitHub?

  14. How do I sign up?

  15. How does Gemnasium know the dependencies of my project?

  16. How does Gemnasium know when a new version is released?

  17. How does Gemnasium know when the project dependencies change?

  18. How to add the Gemnasiun badge to my project ReadMe

  19. I have BitBucket repositories. What is not supported?

  20. I have disabled a project, how do I enable it again?

  21. I push the files using Gemnasium Toolbelt but nothing changes.

  22. I've enabled the "recursive file search" but my dependency files are still missing

  23. Is the badge based on development dependencies?

  24. My GitHub repositories are not showing

  25. Refreshing / Syncing projects

  26. Service Level Agreement

  27. Sharing projects

  28. Should I close or acknowledge a security alert?

  29. Wait, so does Gemnasium run my Gemfile?

  30. What about security issues affecting the Ruby, PHP, Python, nodejs interpreters?

  31. What are the supported dependency files?

  32. What dependency technologies are you supporting?

  33. What do the colors mean?

  34. Why do Gemnasium need a read/write access to my repositories?

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